Friday, February 13, 2009


1 day before Valentines day, sacred day for couples through out the whole world but a dreaded day for any single. I heard from my grandma that my cousin was making home made chocolate for her boyfriend, such a sweet thing to do. We don't get these kind of presents now days right guys? Valentines day is not just about the gifts, its about the feelings of the person giving and receiving the gifts which matters the most.

Went to do my last minute Valentines shopping just now, met Corny and Xin Rui. Lol... Received a beating from them for buying my late late gift. Saw lots of guys and girls doing Valentines shopping and some couples celebrating an early valentines due to the fact that tomorrow is a schooling day for us in Penang.

Teddies and flowers are nice presents to give to girls but its best to only give a girl huggable teddy as she can only hug one right? If you keep giving her new ones, she might just discard the old ones as they are quite big and take up lots of space. Well, flowers are nice if your girlfriend is between 20-30 because if you give flowers to a high school girl, imagine how is she going to explain it to her parents when she returns home.

Jewellry is a nice gift to give away. They are SHINY and your can see your partner wear them everytime you go out so you could feel their appreciation of the gift which you gave them. It is also quite small which makes them pretty easy to hide and you can easily lose them as well :P The only downside is that jewellry is expensive but I recommend stainless steel jewellry from Laconic. They look like their made from platinum and the price is affordable.

I'm currently making my Valentines day gift for tomorrow so as to meet my deadline, I'll be signing off :P

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