Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Dentist

Before I write anything, Friends... please remind me how frightening the dentist is. I have a feeling that I am experiencing severe memory loss since I came back to Penang.

I went for my annual dental check up at 11am, the dentist did a brief check and says that one of my tooth has decayed so he asks me to make an appointment and come back at night. Naive as I was, not knowing what was installed for me then...

My previous visit was dreadful... I had some minor toothaches coming from my upper jaw so I went to the Adventist Dentist Hospital. After an X-ray, the dentist told me that 2 of my wisdom tooth were sideways and had to be removed via surgery... Bummer ~_~

So I had this awful 2 hour operation where he inserted 6-8 needles of those medicine which made my jaw numb...(Anesthetics?) And it fell open (as in I can't close my mouth), so the sawing went on as he had to cut open my gums (as my wisdom tooth is still 90% buried in the gums) and he had to saw the tooth into 4 parts before pulling out each of them 1 by 1... Blood kept on spewing out of my mouth because of the drill and I got blood splattered all over my face ~_~ After which what seemed like an eternity of pain, he stopped. And when I was almost choked to death by my own blood, I was really glad that the torture has finished. But he said that was just the 1st tooth and he is now starting on the 2nd tooth which is located on the other end of my jaw. SHIT!!!

I was a bit woozy after the surgery due to the effects of the anesthetics and my right cheek was swelling up because huge amounts of cotton was stuffed in it to stop the blood flow. I couldn't speak or eat for at least 2 days and had to drink water and porridge from a straw(YES A DAMN STRAW WTF!). I finally can see how I look like if I weigh 100kg because of the swelling resulting in me spending time in my room 23 hours a day for 2 weeks ~_~

The current appointment involves polishing my teeth and whitening it as well. It didn't say anything about cleaning parts of my teeth in between my gums which obviously made me bled and blood got spewed over me again! I was in agony and hope to stopped right away...

This appointment only lasted 15 minutes but it was a long 15 minutes indeed. I eventually survived it and the results were un(Jeremy)recognisable sparkling white teeth compared to my old set of teeth which comes with a yellow GLOW. Cost me RM55 and it strengthened my belief that Dentists earn a lot compared to Doctors because their work is much easier compared to doctors!

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