Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Restaurant Review: Canton-i at Queensbay Mall, Penang

Went to Queensbay Mall today to hunt for my sports shoe and did some last minute browsing looking for cameras. The ones I have in mind are Canon EOS 1000D which costs RM1999 with kit lens or the semi pro king of compact cameras Panasonic Lumix LX3 which costs about RM1699.

I had my lunch at the newly opened Canton-i located at the west wing of the mall which in my opinion had a really small entrance compared to its big interior. The entrance doesn't look as classy as Dragon-i's upstairs.

The front end of the interior (with the small entrance beside it.)

I liked this design where they have bamboo like trees in the middle of the restaurant separated by a layer of glass which gives the customers a serene feeling while dining.

Canton-i's signature Wan tun Mee with 4 shrimp Wan tun. Cost me about RM12.80 for the whole thing. Was it worth it?

Ordered this really unique Red Amaranth tea which is about RM5. It looks really nice and tasted quite nice as well.

Another picture of the tea~

So after 2 hours of browsing, a swift(and desperate) choice has been made:

Bye, my Nike Air Validus, you're been a great servent for the past few years :)

Hello there Sexy :)

New Balance Running: MR737


Fern said...

The portion of the noodles is really big. Quite worth it if you have a small appetite like a girl. haha!

-tAkEmOtO- said...

Aha! U ate Canton-i!

I actually enjoyed it after a few days back. The food was quite pleasant despite the hefty price tag. The wanton noodles was just right and the porridge was exactly what I had in HK, only abit smaller lah, but still good enough for me. Quite happy going there any time.

Why can't they just open one in Adelaide? I hate Aus already!

Jeremy Choo said...

Fern: Next time u go there plz share, you can't finish it 1 XD

Lol, philip, suprising right? Since I always complain about food being too expensive.

Ipoh got also??? I loved the porridge but the ingredients they put in so few ingredients~_~

Actually my grandma said the best dim sum in the world is located in melbourne :) Next time we go try if we have chance :) I'll try to ask my aunt's cousin who lives in melb to book a place for us XD