Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolution

I've forgot to post my new year resolution a few days back, mainly because I forgot about it because my mind was filled with fun and excitement as this is the first time I'm celebrating new year's day in Penang after I went to Australia to further my studies. A lot has change since then although its only been a year but luckily most of my friends still remember me as the geeky little bastard who is crazy about dotA :P

1.Gain Weight
This 1 is on top of my list of New Year resolution in the past and it still will be in the near future. Currently weighing 54kg. My aim is about 60-65kg with a waist of about 32. Will try to eat more rice to gain some weight so I won't look like a freaking stick insect XD

2. Obtain a HD
So far in my uni life I haven't obtained a High Distinction(HD) in any of my subjects, so this naturally will be my aim when I start my 2nd year in uni. Will treat myself to a nice meal if I get a HD :P

3. Make lots of aussie friends
Father keeps nagging me to make more local friends. I have lots of cacausian friends but none of them are local :P Will need to change my attitude if I'm going to survive my 2nd year in biomed.

4. Go surfing
Didn't go last summer, so... Norlunga, Here I come!!!

5. Snowboarding
Hope to go to Buller mountains for a snowboarding trip during the semester break in may-june :)

I think I'll get some winter clothing for the trip ahead :) How about your new year resolutions?


renaye said...

all the best! i think u just need to stick ur resolutions somewhere u can see it everyday and they will come true by or before end of 2009!

Jeremy Choo said...

Haha, Don't worry, I will :) Thanks for your wishes :) All da best to you too!