Sunday, January 4, 2009

Food Tour (Part 4)

Last blog post for food tour No.1, that day was full of events right? At first I wanted to divide it into 3 posts but didn't have the time to type a post that long, which might be also quite boring for the reader. So 4 blog post it is :) Lets get on to the show!

We were trying to find the legendary Lok lok located on Pulau Tikus pasar, unfortunately, it was not opened (I think its due to the rain). So We had to settle for the Koay Teow Theng there which was also very famous.

Stall selling the Koay Teow Teng

Our bowl of Koay teow theng which cost us about Rm 2.70

Rating 4.3/5 (The soup was quite light, and the fish balls were really nice!)

We didn't gave up hope just yet, so we decided to go to another place which was famous for its lok lok, the coffee shop beside the field opposite of the Penang Buddhist association. But we were on a streak of bad luck -.-" The stall wasn't opened as well, but we still tried the Wan Tan mee which was quite well known, turned out it didn't disappoint (luckily...)

The Wan Tan (One Ton) Mee which cost Rm3.50 (with extra wan tan)

Rating 4.3/5 (Above average but not great, I've tasted better ones but this comes close to the best :)

It was already 8pm and the sun has already set, everyone was already dead tired (especially me being the driver ~_~") So we decided to go for broke, we discussed which coffee shop has the most and best variety of hawker food in Penang. Our answers were the same - The Golden Triangle Cafe. Its located beside Kuang Hua Primary School at Bayan Baru. We found a place to sit and we ordered away~

O jian (Fried Oyster) which was Rm6.00

Ikan Pangang for 3 which cost about Rm13.00

Chicken Wings roasted in honey (Rm5.10)

Tom Yam Mee (Rm4.50)

Loh Bak (Rm11.70)

Rating 3.5/5 for the Fried Oyster (Not really nice, and the oyster were not really fresh)
4/5 for the Ikan Panggang (The members were locked in an argument, some liked the wetness of the fish while others complained that the dish should be dryer.
4.1/5 for the Chicken Wings (Quite nice, actually nothing could go wrong if you roasted it according to the guide book XD)
4.8/5 for the Tom Yum Mee (BEST dish we had all day!!! The spicy and sourness of the Tom Yum soup was perfect! It suited our taste so we decided to give it the highest mark among all the dishes!)
3.6/5 for the Loh Bak (Average Loh Bak :)

Ethane wiping her saliva off her chin XD while Xin Rui was drinking the Tom Yum Soup

With both Fern and Jagung watching XD
We concluded our Food Tour with a light desert, which was the Ban Chang Kuih. Ming Yao, thanks for lining up and ordering the Pancake for the Girls. I'm sure they appreciated it :)

The tuna Pancake (or better known as Ban Chang Kuih)

So, after spending about 3 hours driving, and 9 hours eating+waiting for food, the Food Tour finally came to an end. There were still lots of food which we haven't tried so get ready for Chapter 2 of the Food Tour in the upcoming months :)

The whole meal cost us Rm160 for 6 persons which is roughly Rm27. I think its quite cheap considering we've just tasted 19 different meals :) Sign up for Chapter 2 of the food tour here! Seats are limited!!! :)


kennhyn said...

I should do the same thing the next time I go back Penang... now I feel really hungry!

eTHaNe said...

erm... if i am free to go back to penang during my february one week vacation...

then i wana join!!!

Jeremy Choo said...

Haha!!! Its a really fun activity, going on a trip with friends :)

Fern said...

Me! Must complete the list on the next trip! ><