Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food Tour (Part 3)

Part 3 of the journey takes the shareholders of the blur blur company to the area near komtar, home to a lot of hawkers who's business started out a few generations ago, probably till the time where your grandparents were still sucking their thumb XD

First off, I satisfied my long-term lust of Chee Cheong Chuk (Pig intestine porridge) which I whined about a few blog posts ago, the porridge was one of my favourite dishes back in my high school days. The deep fried intestine provided a unique texture & aroma to the porridge till the point that it was orgasmic XD

Costs about Rm4.50 each

The stall selling the porridge (imagine looking at all those pig intestines XD)

Rating 4.6/5 (The porridge was perfectly made but I think the hawker put a bit too much salt, It was a great meal nonetheless)

After that, we headed to Penang road, where the famous Joo Hooi Cafe is located. Doesn't ring a bell? Its where the famous Penang road cendol is based. Most of the stalls there are quite famous since the 60's and most of them are still going strong.

Joo Hooi Cafe

The first dish we tried was of course the Penang road Teochew cendol, I took the trouble to fetch the guys there to experience the joy of eating while squatting beside a drain rather than going to the house of the owner (which is an old friend of my grandma and his house is just located a stone's throw away from my house). The cendol costs RM1.60 if you eat it via squatting beside longkang style while it costs an extra 50 cents if you ordered it to be delivered into the coffee shop.

The famous sign, please look for this sign when eating :)

Girl jumping the que in front of me while i was taking pictures (grr!!!)

Best cendol ever! (in every sense of the word XD)

Rating 4.5/5 (Cheap but small, making you crave for more!)

We also ordered 2 bowls of the laksa which costs RM3.00 each and a plate of char koay teow (Rm3.50) to satisfy our need of eating char koay teow because we couldn't make it to Sister's char koay teow at Macalister road due to lack of time :(

Laksa (Although I didn't take a picture of the stall selling it, but it was really humble in appearance)

Char koay teow, with 2 huge prawns in it :)

Rating 4.2/5 for the laksa (I've tasted better ones but the standard of this laksa is not far from those) 4.3/5 for the Char Koay teow (Better than the one in lorong selamat, matched it in terms of shrimp size but costs way cheaper {the lorong selamat one costs more than RM5.00})

We went to have some ice kacang which was located directly opposite of the cendol stall, its one of the only stalls in Penang which still sells the traditional ice ball (Rm0.80 each) which was the predececor of the ice kacang :) most of the gang didn't know about it before I introduced it to them :)

In the process of making the ball (In the old days, they would use their hands to shape the ball via snowball style, but now they just used two bowls to shape the ice ball)

Finished product (they were even kind enough to put it into a bag for us, last time I had to hold it bare hand, resulting in severe frostbite and sticky hands XD)

Girls sinking their teeth on the ice ball~

Rating 4/5 (Cheap but too big for the 6 us to finish XD)

After that we went to another alley which was between two famous school uniform sellers in Penang (kimnovak and Hing Lee) to eat the famous curry mee and peanut desert there :)

The alley, a bit deserted when we went (lucky us) but usually its crowded during peak hours :)

Curry Mee (Rm2.30)

Peanut desert (Rm 2.00)

Rating 4.5/5 for the curry mee (sucks without the chili)
4.3/5 for the peanut desert (a refreshing sweet desert after some sour and salty dishes)

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