Thursday, January 1, 2009

Food Tour (Part 2)

Stupid employees, keep forcing me to continue writing the blog -.-" Tough being a boss XD

K then, I'm writing the 2nd part of the journey at g-hotel (see I'm so hardworking, cut me some slack k?)

OK? Settled... On to the journey mates!

After some extensive cam whoring at Kek Lok Si, Jagung introduced her God mother's Yim Kuk Kai (which translates roughly into Salt Baked Chicken)

Killing time while waiting for the dish to be served

Took a pic of the chicken on my plate instead because I forgot to take a photo of the chicken before it was ripped to shreds :(

The salt used to bake the chicken (Looks like pebbles to me XD)

Its RM22 for a whole chicken (Correct me if I'm wrong, can't really remember)

Rating ?/5 (Since I haven't tasted any Salt Baked Chicken before, so I can't really rate it. So I'm considered neutral, any of you critics out there might think you have eaten better ones but I have no comment as this is the first time I've eaten this kind of dish. Go and have a try and rate it yourself!)

After that we had a little detour to fetch Xin Rui and get my student ID (for some uneventful purposes later).

The Pan Mee near Bukit Jambul became our next pit stop as we ventured into uncharted territory(as only I know of this place among the 6 of them)

This shop is under a "forest" of flats

Apparently the "kakak"(Indonesian Maids) were making the pan mee and not the owner O.o, seems like they have a lot of skill XD

Dry & thin version of the Pan mee

Soup version of the Pan Mee

Star rating! (Symbolising that the staff had a great meal XD)

It was a total agreement that the Pan Mee was utterly delicious! The texture of the Mee was really nice while the broth was fresh and sweet :) (The mince meat on the Pan Mee also blended well with the whole dish)

Rating 4.7/5 (One of the most satisfying dishes of the tour, I'm not giving it full marks because I'm giving it room for improvement [Make it free maybe? Then it deserves a 5 lol...])

We had our second "rest stop" at The Stream fish spa in QueensBay Mall. (After eating for so long, its time to get ourselves eaten!!! XD) It was a ticklish experience. The girls laughed their socks off in the first 10 mins, then their laughter was amplified into screams when the bigger fish came to nibble at their feet. I noticed the fishes in the shop were different from the fishes used in the other shops... Then again, among the 3 fish spas which I've seen, each of their fishes are quite different with The Stream having the largest type of fish which were 4-5 inches in length... The 30 minute session cost us Rm95 for 5 persons which is roughly over RM19 each.

The Streams (at Queensbay Mall)

Very nice design & atmosphere

Lol!!! All of the girls are ticklish XD

Big fish! and lots of them too!

Lol!!! Most of them forced their smiles XD

Rating 4.5/5 (Unique experience, totally worth the money, might give it a higher rating if it was a bit longer...)

Quote from Xin Yin:
"When you come out of the fish spa, you'll feel that your feet is super clean while the other parts of your body is super dirty." (So true....)

Happy Girls (With clean feet)

That concludes part 2 of the Food Tour, Goodbye 2008 and I wish every reader a happy new year! Stay tuned :)

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