Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food Tour (Part 1)

Ok, to make things short, I'll summarise the following blog post in to a few words: 6 people, Rm160, 20 meals, 1 day. Hahaha!!!

I'm a man on a mission, my company, Food Tour Ltd. is embarking on a 1 day journey(due to financial constraints) around Penang, sampling the local food to find suitable candidates for Jagung's new restaurant (which will be open in like... 30 years from now :P)

Started off the day by picking Ming Yao and the girls from Asia Cafe and we headed K.K. Dim Sum Garden which is located in Air Itam. (cost us about Rm22.80 for the meal in the pic plus an extra Siu Mai and Ha Kao each).

We tried to keep things light so we could fill our stomachs with more food XD

Jagung and Ethane Fighting over the Mandarin sausage

Rating 3.6/5 (Nothing special, but the lo mai kai was really nice)

After that, we went to Taman Permata at Farlim under recommendation from Jagung to try the Hokkien mee (or better known as Prawn mee among non-locals).

There was a lot of people there waiting to be fed or was feeding ( I tried to exclude most of them from the pic :P)

Stupid us, ordered an Hokkien Mee without adding extra toppings(egg, pork ribs etc)
Price for the Hokkien mee shown in the pic Rm2.30

Rating 3.7/5 (Could be better, maybe if we rated it with the extra toppings XD)

Next up was Koay Chap at Air Itam Market (recommendation by Ethane)
Parking was quite hard at the Market because of the chaotic traffic (but then, this is Penang :P) We got down and ordered a bowl of Koay Chap, it was only 9.30am in the morning but the hawker was already scraping the bottom of the soup container already. (talk about popularity ~_~)

The Koay Chap seller busy at work

Koay Chap (Rm4.00)

More Cam whoring when waiting for the Koay Chap to arrive

Rating 4.3/5 (Loved it!, suits my taste but it lost mark because it was a little bit on the salty side)

Oh, Ya! I haven't introduced the company's shareholder's, they are:

Fern, the head secretary who usually gets stopped by guards at the cinema when watching 18pg movies thinking she is only 14, but in truth she has already graduated from high school. (Turning 19 next year)

Ethane, a quiet girl(compared to the other 3). Last day in Penang before going back to NTU in Singapore. Good luck in your studies! Remember to come back during CNY!!!

Eik Ming, better known as Jagung/Corny. The manager of the "Sam Pat" Division in the company. She kept on pulling on the handle of the door of the backseat of a Suzuki Swift (thinking that that was my car) despite me driving a Toyota Advanza that day. Talk about blurness... (BTW, the driver of the Swift was so scared that he rushed out of the coffee shop and drove his car away. Bad Jagung XD)

Ming Yao, our evergreen treasurer (age ???), has a very "cold" sense of humour. Likes pissing the girls off but they can't do anything about it as he holds every cent of our budget.

Xin Rui, our Marketing and Sales Manager, very good in advertising stuff, you can hear her voice the moment she steps in the building, no matter where you are XD

After finishing the Koay Chap, we went to the infamous Kek Lok Si temple to chill out and digest our meal~ The pagoda was under restoration but most of it was already finished and it looked brand new!

The restored pagoda

The gang + pagoda

Tortoise at the Tortoise pond in Kek Lok Si

Ok, that's enough for now, I'm exhausted and in need of a long and relaxing rest. Will continue my blog tomorrow. That's all for today folks! Stay tuned :)


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