Friday, January 9, 2009

How long will dota last?

With the up and coming release of the highly anticipated Starcraft II real time strategy game, a question looms... When will Warcraft III die? Die as in people stop playing it and switch to SCII. Warcraft III had an excellent map editor which enabled people to make custom maps using Warcraft III as its platform. A lot of custom maps of Warcraft III like Defence of the Ancients(DotA), Hero Siege, Tower defences etc... Will be affected greatly by the release of SCII :)

Protoss Vs Zerg in Starcraft II

Experts and professional players in the competitive gaming industry gives Warcraft III another 1-2 years but there might be exceptions like Starcraft:Brood war. The question looms, will icefrong(the creator of DotA) stop improving the maps? Or will he switch platforms and bring dotA into SCII? All in all, I think DotA is one if not the best custom map (or game) there is because each and every game is different from the previous one. I think the fan base in Asia will not let dotA die even after the release of SCII and DiabloIII.

How long will it last?


sabahking said...

I think the dota will not be last cause it is a nice game !! the children and even the big guy also like to play !!

Jeremy Choo said...

Haha, I think so too! I think it will continue to stay on to be popular even after the release of SCII and Diablo, at least for another good 2-3 years :) Probably until icefrog stops developing it.