Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 weeks

It has already been 3 weeks since I came back home. The feeling of me leaving my love ones behind in 5 weeks time is getting to me... This 3 weeks has been well spent on food, friends and tending to my love ones :) The next few weeks will be composed of Chinese new year, valentines and much more ^_^

Its truly a blessing that I met you, you came to me when I was down and lonely, when I was wasting my life doing useless things. You thought me how to believe in myself again, how to stand back up on my feet and embrace the future which is upon me. Separation could not be avoided, yet you took it with a heart which was far more mature than any person of your age. Thou the hardships that we've been through, you stood by my side and forgave my misdoings, even if some of them did hurt you. For that I thank you! Thank you for the love and affection that you gave me. Thank you for the support when I was in a time of need. Thanks for the beautiful memories which I will keep close to my heart... Love you always :)

This might be a short post, but I think it means heaps to someone :)


Fern said...

Can't say much here. Pretty sure tht this small box don't have enough spaces for me to express the feeling of touch after I saw the blog post. XD Thanks dear~ And, I love you too, always~

Anonymous said...

Hahaha my dear Jeremy, your friends (the usual gang) will always be there for u in time of needs. Shall see you in Adelaide soon and have a blessing Chinese New Year!