Sunday, January 18, 2009

Making Kuih Loyang/Pang Siu Kuih

The kuih making tradition has been in my mom's family for 3 generations, my grandma is a well known kuih seller in the Kulim region in Kedah. During Chinese new year, she would make lots of kinds of kuih which is synonomous with CNY.

All of her sons and daughters would bring their family weeks before CNY to get together to make kuih. Its loads of fun for the kids and the adults would chat while making the kuih for sale in various parts of kedah and Penang. Most of the family members are very well versed in making kuih but they only do it as a hobby except one of my aunt which does it as a side earning.

My family produces more than 130 plastic containers of the popular kuih loyang or better known as Pang Siu Kuih(Honey comb Kuih) in Hokkien per day in addition to other kuihs like kuih bankul(nian gao), kuih kapek, kuih bangkek, peanut biscuit, pineapple tart and ribbon shaped biscuit.

Kuih Bakul (or better known as nian gao)

Kuih Kapek

Pineapple tart

Ribbon cookies

I personally think the kuihs made by my grandma are the best and I don't like eating cny and nonya kuih's made by other people. Well that explains my ego XD

I don't really know what does my grandma put into the mixture of the kuih but I know it contains a mixture of rice flour and all-purpose flour, santan, sugar, salt, eggs, and a generous amount of sesame seeds. The oil used to fry the kuih loyang is made by mixing peanut oil and normal cooking oil. a few cloves of garlic is deep fried to infuse a hint of garlic flavour into the oil.

The wok which I'm doing for my friends and family, they won't let me touch the ones that they are going to sell >.<"

Everybody in the family is helping out (from left, my cousin, his mom{my aunt} and my mom's legs XD)

A little closeup on the frying wok

Sorry for the sucky photos, I forgot to bring my camera so I had to use my sucky hand phone to take photos for this post. I hope its not that bad :)

Happy Chinese New Year!

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SiCunit said...

In Indonesia, we call it as "kembang goyang". We usually made it when "Lebaran / Idul Fitri" comes. I love eating it.