Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New home

The wireless Internet in my hostel died on me last night (I forgot to pay the bill in time =.=")
So today I went to Wilson's house to go and look at the new home that I'm moving into next February :)

Its a two story house just 2 houses beside Wilson's current unit. Ikea and the airport are just a stone's throw away. I've spent the whole afternoon fixing the TV rack which Wilson's father bought for the new house and went to take a look at my future room. Its quite nice but the window is semi-transparent meaning I couldn't look at stuff outside. My room is also facing the west so I'll be expecting to be cooked in summer when the sun sets :(

OK, enough chit-chat, I'm sure you're dying to see pics of the house (yea, right... =.=")

The front of the house

The living room (with the cupboard I assembled ^^)

Back of the living room


2nd floor (That's a bean Bag)

The wardrobe part of my room (can't really fit the whole room into my pic)

The veranda behind the house

Another side of the backyard

That's all folks!!! Ending the blog post with some pics of me XD

Doing the Karen Cheng

A proper 1 XD

Pics are all taken with Chong's LG viewty Hand phone


Fern said...

Wow! The new house looks great!
And you gained weight? Haha!

Jeremy Choo said...

Haha! Dunno wor, wait till I come back and we'll see :)