Monday, December 8, 2008

Smile Smile :)

Well this happened last Monday, I had the urge to write about it but I didn't have time nor did I take a picture of the phenomena. I think I should write about this from the beginning.

The gang (Chong, Micheal, Philip, Terence, Alex and Wilson) were walking from Chinatown to Sugarbowl to meet Wilson's parents for some desert after our dinner at Cafe Primo. While we were walking, Chong pointed upwards towards the moon. (There was a Chinese saying that if you point towards the moon your ears might fall off :P , Well that's what the elders told me when I was young.)
Anyways, I saw that the moon and two stars came togather to form a shape of a smiling face :)

According to Chong, the 2 "eyes" were Mars and Venus. And I saw that one of the eyes was brighter than the other. So I said to him that I don't really believe it and I think that the brighter eye is the northern star which is the brightest star we see in the sky. After we arrive in Sugarbowl, Chong used Wilson's Iphone 3G to find the article at yahoo regarding the phenomena and proved me wrong with a "Nah, in your face attitude" =.=

OK, I admit I'm wrong but this is quite a nice spectacle to behold don't you think? After reading another article on the web when I got home, it seems that only Australia and a few other countries in the region had the chance to witness the smiling face as the people in other countries saw this phenomena in a different angle thus seeing either a deformed face or the moon was upside down showing a crying face.

You can read more from here about the phenomena in different parts of the world and here for a news report of the phenomena at Sydney, Australia.

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