Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lazy Day

Well, kind of a lame blog title don't you think? But mark my words... This title will be repeated because I couldn't find other lamer blog titles to replace this. Anyways, I'm Soooo bored today. Didn't have the motivation to do anything. Just feel like drowsing off. I even feel sleepy while lining up waiting for the bus to Wilson's house, wtf ok? Today we moved most of the furniture to the new home with some notable mentions including the washing machine which was stained with Chong's blood and the 3 person sofa + countless racks and cupboards.

The funniest thing is that I disassembled Wilson's desktop while he was out with Micheal shopping for a new CPU. Wtf right? He is going to buy another stand alone computer specifically only for TV and downloading torrents... When he came back to the old house. He was shocked that his desktop was gone ;P

Micheal, Philip, Chong and I went to Ikea for dinner at night because Wilson and his parents wanted to go to a vegeterian restaurant and us, being carnivorous quickly declined their invitation. The new parmagiana schitnezel served by Ikea was really nice. I think they changed their recipe as the surface of the schitnezel was covered by herbs and the toppings tasted richer. When we went home, I suddenly missed Jacky very much... For those who don't know, Jacky is my pet maltese/shih tzu back in Penang. Although its not pure breed. Its sure 100% cuter than most of the pure breed maltese and shih tzu out there!

Ending my post with some pics of my pride and joy

Jacky when I first got him 2 years ago {pic taken using w800i}

Picture of him taken the day I left Penang for Adelaide (He didn't even wanted to choi me T_T)
{Pic taken using n73}

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