Friday, December 26, 2008


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Just Reached Home!

Feeling a bit dizzy due to the boat ride from Langkawi Island back to Penang. I'm totally burnt out from the exhaustion from traveling long distances. I'll be taking a break starting tomorrow. Please do not find me XD

This year's Christmas was spent in Langkawi with friends. Went with old ones and came back meeting/knowing new ones. I've noticed my socializing skills has improved a lot since I've started studying in Australia. I could engage conversation with people from different ethnic backgrounds easier than before and my gift of being accepted by kids is even better than I previously imagined.

Took a ferry from Penang Jetty which costs RM115 for 2 ways. It was a 4 hour journey where it unloaded passengers onto Pulau Payar Marine Conservation Park. Slept most of the time while spending the remainder reading Dan Brown's Deception Point.

The moment I stepped out of the ferry terminal, I was greeted by the same verse over and over again. "Sir? Taxi?" , "Sir? Kereta?" (Damn annoying, but hey, since global recession ma, so people are desperate, can't blame them). So I walked behind a pair of middle aged couple and used them as "parents" to avoid the people from asking me if I want a taxi or rent a car (Hehehe... Sux to be them XD). In the end I went to a car rental store and rented a sucky Proton Iswara. Feels good to drive after 10 months of "driving sober-ness" at Adelaide :)

My retreat of choice was AB motel located near the Underwater world at Pantai Cenang (I asked Chin Ying to book it since I was short on cash after returning from Aus so it doesn't hurt to be a cheap bastard once in a while right?). The room was not bad, I stayed in a room which was RM50 per night with air con and 2 single beds which was not bad. The ventilation was good. The downside of the motel is that the room I'm staying at does not have windows -.-" But the motel does have chalets for rent with windows and all. The motel is quite good as its newly built.

We spend the afternoon shopping along Pantai Cenang and walking along the beach. We didn't went for a swim because my mom (and everybody else's mom) warned us not to go swimming in the sea because it was monsoon season and we might get swept away by the waves.

Christmas Eve was spent with foreigners at a beach-bar with a camp fire. We sang songs under the moonlight. Chin Ying, her bf and her friends got drunk from drinking Malibu (Some sort of strong liquor I suppose) while I stayed away from most of the hard liquor by keeping myself sober enough to keep all of the drunkards in check XD

I missed the countdown because I was already in bed, my body gave way because I was exhausted from the airplane transit from Adelaide-Perth-Kl-Penang and the journey to Langkawi. Woken up at midnight from the non-stop chain of sms containing Christmas Greetings from my friends (Thanks guys! really appreciated it!)

Well... In conclusion, most of my Christmas was spent in Lala-land planting cherry trees XD
Drop me a comment and tell me about how did you spend your Chrismas with your love ones :)

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