Sunday, December 21, 2008

Barossa Valley

OK, it was confirmed that yesterday was one of the best days of my short Aussie life!
Barossa Valley was excellent! We went to 3 of the famous winery in Barossa Valley. Each and everyone of them was excellent and I can't wait to go explore other winery as well. Lets let the pictures do the talking shall we???

When we finally arrived at Barossa after crossing through countless crop fields and secretly taking blackmail worthy photos of each other (Hehehe... Amanda~~~ XD) we headed to the Barossa farmer's market first to check out what the local farmers had to offer. They did not disappoint, the veges were fresh and the fruits were much bigger, cheaper and sweeter than their counterparts in Adelaide. The market was quite unique because there was wine barrels every where. Wine is what makes Barossa Valley stand out so it is quite common to find that the designs of many houses and landmarks are themed to resemble a winery or contain something about wines.

The poster hanging in the market

Some snap shots of the market

From left, Jane (Amanda's friend from melb), Amanda and Me!

The first stop on our wine drinking journey takes us to the famous Wolf Blass winery! My god it was huge! The vineyards extend to the horizon and the wine processing plant was so large that it looked like an oil refinery rather than something wine related :) We know that we're going to be in for a great treat, and it did not disappoint!

The courtyard at Wolf Blass

A collection of the more famous wines of Wolf Blass
from left (Platinum label vintage Shiraz, Black Label vintage Shiraz, gold label, grey label, yellow label and red label)

A picture of the Platinum Label Shiraz which costs about 185AUD(Abt RM463) if you buy it directly at the winery. If you want to taste the wine, you'll have to pay 10AUD(RM25) for 1 sip.

Chilling out at the courtyard

That's Amanda's mom beside her and her grandma beside me!

The wine tasting facility (you can buy the wines you like here too!)

Jane's wine cellar @@"

"Ok, shall we get started?"

Drink, drink drink...

Happy man/women (After going through 13 different kinds of red/white wines)

The waitress serving us also gave Amanda a free bottle of Tranmere Riesling for her graduation on Monday! She was so nice!

In the end we bought about 10 bottles of wine, I bought 2 good ones which were presidential selection of Shiraz and Sauvigion Blanc which costs about 24 AUD each. The wine and the people here gave me a nice time and I'm sure I'll be retuning in the near future!

Stop 2: Penfolds winery, easily one of the best red wine producers in the world. Their Penfolds Grange selection of wine is one of the most expensive wines in the world. One bottle may fetch up to 550AUD for 1 produced this year while u add a few hundred more for the ones produced a year before that... Don't believe me?

Outside Penfolds winery

Amanda and Jane (ambassadors for the consumer of Penfolds wine all over Malaysia XD)

The wine purchase and tasting facility at Penfolds

Cam whoring on the bar, (Yes, there were tons of people looking at us as we were hogging the bar XD)

Jane bought a few reds and a bluestone tawny which tasted excellent (IMO, better than any other wine I've tasted that day) and the cheapest wine there costs twice the price I paid for the wines at Wolf Blass!

When we asked for an extra bag for the wines, the waitress said that we'll have to pay 2AUD for another one, so Amanda went to the guest book and wrote this down... At first she wrote Jane's name but got smacked and changed the name to Dane Louise XD

Our winery hopping journey took us to another winery, this time to Jacob's Creek Winery. The were tons of people at Jacob's Creek but imo its only a tourist attraction rather than a proper world class winery. The wines are cheaper compared to Penfolds and Wolf Blass because it is only a local brand... But still, the winery was huge!!!

Jacob's Creek

The wine tasting facility at Jacob's Creek

I didn't drink much (only about 3 types) of wine after stopping. I already felt a bit woozy after about trying 30 plus different types of wines from the previous 2 wineries so I left the big boys and girls (Jane and Uncle Steven) to try the rest. All in all the wines at Jacob's Creek was good, but not that great compared to the wines at Wolf Blass and Penfolds.


szefani said...

lol! not bad. not bad. my uncle kinda took me dad, mum, aunt and meself to swan valley to test the wines there. i can't really remember the names of the wineries but i didn't test any of the wines. ;p just wasn't in the mood. but it's great that you enjoyed yourself! XD take care!

Jeremy Choo said...

No worries, When you come to adelaide, I'll bring your stomach for a joy ride on all the nice wines offered :)