Saturday, February 28, 2009

My uni timetable

Yay! My timetable is out! Will be taking Microbiology as Major and biochemistry, and 2 physio subjects as electives. I'm looking forward to the subjects already :P My time is packed out but I think I can allow myself some breathing space during Thursdays and Fridays and I'll try to finish my work early so that I could chat with you at night :)

House is unbelievably dirty due to a stupid carpet which Wilson bought which kept on shedding hair all around the house. Need some air freshener because my room stinks T_T Takes me quite a while (30mins-1 hour) to sleep at night after lying on the bed, think its because I'm not used to the bed so usually I use this time to think about all the precious moments we spent together in Penang :)

Hope lil' J is keeping you company tonight, Good Night! 143~~~


Fern said...

Wow, need Red Bull on every Monday?

Jeremy Choo said...

No, need someone to invent a pill which can fill my stomach on monday. I don't even have time for lunch ~_~