Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back in Adelaide

Its already been 1 week since I arrived back in Adelaide. Sorry for the lack of update, been busy unpacking, settling down and finalising my enrollment for 2nd year. I had to meet with all of my course coordinator regarding my enrollment to that subject because all of the practical & tutorial classes are already full and I had to ask them to squeeze me in to fit my schedule. Most of my friends are already back and each of them brought stuff back from their home country to share it amongst the friends here. I'm really glad I had the chance to study abroad and meet different people from different parts of the world.

Met Shu Xian during the orientation for science students studying in Uni. Haha! Went around the uni collecting free gifts from every store available that day because it was orientation week and all of the school's clubs are participating in a fair and inviting all of the students to join them. When we went to the Adelaide University Union to renew my university subscription, sue pointed out to me that there were two big baskets there with tampons in one and condoms in another one :D And a gift bag which I received during the fair also contained a high quality condom. Cultural differences between Aus and Msia, don't want to have babies after your first sem there right :P

Chong is still alive and in one piece when we went there XD The house was a bit dirty but I cleaned it before I unpacked. He is filthy rich now since he earns like 60AUD per day while working on morning shift and 75AUD a day while working at night as a kitchen helper in a well known dim sum restaurant in Adelaide.

Haha! Ok that's all for now! I'll write about something more interesting over the weekend :)

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