Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY Heritage celebration at Penang

Hoo Hah! Just came back from one of the best CNY celebrations in my life! Saw a lot of traditional chinese stuff which was unique because most of it contains a hint of Malaysia and is different from its ancestors in China! This post would be highly pictorious so beware!

Main gateway of the celebration

The celebration was held among the world heritage site which contained buildings and streets from downtown Penang which were build by the first generation of Chinese which settled in Penang. The roads were a little small so it was a bit crampy and the smell of sweat and the drains of the roadside was nauseating.

Traditional wedding ceremony, Suana(the most noisy Chinese musical instrument ever invented) + guards + kepo onlookers are included.

The Chinese puppet show was pulling quite a crowd, we had to literally push ourselves through the blockade.

Traditional Chinese wedding dress

Offerings for the Gods

One of the majestic altars of the Ti kong (God of the Sky)

There were like... I dunno, at least ten teams of lion dancers at the venue (each of the teams had a minimum of two lions, so yeah... There were lions everywhere XD)

Dr. Sun Yat Sen's office (he lived in Penang after he escaped from china)

There were also a lot of activities that day, there were top(Gasing) demonstrations;

Traditional sign board making;

Traditional Clay Figure making and many more!

The nonyas, (where's baba?)

A team Kiddys which were playing the 24 season drums resting :P

There was even a mock 状元门 which scholars from old china paraded with their certs after obtaining them in exams

Wushu performance at Khoo Kongsi

Khoo Kongsi in the morning

At night!

Chinese orchestra performance (Sorry, I took this from another miao hui because I didn't take any pics of the Chinese orchestra performance in the current miao hui)

Gail's Guzheng performance sponsored by Shangri'la Hotel (The booth was really nice and quite unique because the people taking care of the booth were all Malays except her XD)

Group pic! (Fern, Gail, Lai Sheng and Me!)

All in all, it was a really great experience coming to this CNY celebration. This is what makes CNY worth celebrating :P

Pics were courtesy of Joyi Cheah and Gail. Thanks!

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