Thursday, March 12, 2009

Street Performance at rundle and Benjamin Buttons

Was walking through Rundle mall to Alex's new hostel at Hindley street today when had the shock of my life! LOOK WHO'S PERFORMING!!!

Oh yes!!! And its A Erhu Performance <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Haha! Actually its not lee hom but its him! He was attracting a crowd of mostly old people watching him play erhu.

I love this time of the year, Adelaide City council usually hire street performers to perform at rundle mall and most of them are really good. They range from acrobat shows to comedians. I usually like to go to rundle mall just to watch them perform during class and donate a few dollars to the ones I think which were really good.

This guy's qian jing was a bit too high for my liking but his ying zhun is not bad, I heard some pitching in his last song before I walked away but it was expected because he was playing non-stop from 11am to 5pm.

Went back and watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons". It was a bit boring at first, much like twilight. (Ha! Take that twilight fans!) But the end was so touching. It was a bit expected of him dying as a baby but him dying in her arms was so sad, especially the moments where she took care of him from age 7 till his death. It was a nice movie and worth a place in my archives, will be doing some sort of a promotion of this movie among my friends, expect a lot of whining from me to watch Benjamin buttons and don't feel surprised if you suddenly find a copy of Benjamin buttons in your hard drive XD

Brad Pitt on the right

This scene was where Brad Pitt was getting too young while his lover was growing too old to take care of him. Very Sad!

Haha! Ok now back to the street performance!

Some Australian aboriginals playing their blowpipe thingy :P

A balancing act by an American acrobat

Best performer of the bunch, loved his funny jokes besides his tricks with juggling and some nice fire performance~

One of his balancing act where he tried lying down and standing up again while balancing that torch on his nose. And of course he succeed!

I didn't stay long to watch him finish the show because I am late for class already, but I'm sure one of his next trick is with a whip~ SM SM XD I'll keep you posted on the other performers if I find new ones next week :P


Fern said...

Dust finger!!! Hahaha!
Okie fine, twilight is pretty boring, only at the beginning k? ><

Jeremy Choo said...

Too slow paced for me sry, and the cloudy weather make them look pale, not just the vampire, even the girl :P

JK said...

If only there were street performers here.

I totally agree. Benjamin Button was indeed a great movie.