Monday, March 2, 2009

1st day of school (2nd year!)

Huhu!!! T_T

School finally started, lets see, I begun the day BEING LATE for my 8am microbiology class by arriving 25minutes late! I did went out earlier and caught the 7.35am bus but I got caught in the traffic jam which slowed me down tremendously... And had to run from the other end of Rundle mall to Mawson which is about 500 meters away. That sucked :( Plus side is there are still people later than me XD

Students piling up outside Union Hall waiting to get into the lecture hall

Today's lectures went fairly well, loved Tony Fratini (my biochem coordinator) but hated anatomy. Regretted taking that subject. Its Sooooooo Boring!!!! Its actually a small class with about 30 people and I actually fell asleep because she was talking about something else unrelated to the course (mechanism of electron and light microscope which is like physics ~_~ AND I HATE PHYSICS!!!)

The fun part of the day came when I met new aussie friends during my physiology practical. We had to come up with self-made hypothesis on experiments relating to Cardiovascular circulation. I came up with a very original, and good but crazy idea which involves "whether or not human diving reflex will help reduce the heart rate of a normal person to normal after an exercise."

In case you all don't know what human diving reflex is, its a reflex where when your face is exposed to cold water (usually during swims in winter) Your heart rate will slow down. So my point is after an exercise, our heart rate will be very high right? So I want to try to soak our faces in freezing water to see whether the human dive reflex will kick in and lower our heart rate faster compared to if we rest normally.

Unfortunately, our group consisted of 2 guys and 4 girls, so we (andrew and I) were outvoted by the girls because the girls don't really want to mess up their make up, Weak :P So in the end we had to settle for testing "whether or not caffeine will reduce ortheosteric tolerance". I'll blog about it in the following few weeks after I start this study.

That's all folkes :P

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