Saturday, December 13, 2008

University of Adelaide

This is the Uni I'm studying in. I'm taking Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science) in this Uni. Most of my first year classes were basic stuff like Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Psychology and Statistics. They are all unrelated to one another as each subject has their own faculty.

Here are some pictures of the school grounds :)

Mitchell building home to the department of Paleontology and Archeology.

Pictures of the Barr Smith library

Barr Smith Lawns

Bonython Hall (Where graduation ceremonies are held annually)

Elder Hall, music scholars usually perform solo's during lunch hours inside this building.

Building on the left is the Petroleum Science and Engineering Maths building while on the right is the Molecular & Life Science Building (You'll find me there next year)

The Cloisters & The Student Union building.

Torrens river is located right behind my uni. This is a favourite spot for students students to chill out and take a break in between classes.

Uni at night

Me & Terence (My buddy which shares the same subjects as me) noticed a common stereotype among the lecturers of each subject.

Biology: The lecturers (all of them male, I have about 6 of them each semester) are mostly soft and sissy. Am I destined to be one of them? T_T

Chemistry: Usually Thin and has a good sense of humour.

Statistics: Epic blurness.

Commerce: Chinese (Wow, they even rule the commerce part of this world :P)

Psychology: Most of them are young to middle age females and many of them are still available ;P

Math&Physics: Strong smell of coffee, most of them are caffeine addicts.

Geology: The "man" faculty. All of the lecturers are tanned, well build (broad shoulders, 6 packs) which includes women lecturers as well. Geo FTW!!!

Do not think that uni life is any easier than STPM/A-levels, mark my words-It is crazy as hell!


-tAkEmOtO- said...

Curi photos from our uni webpage!!

Since when u study STPM eh?? U got the right to say meh!? XD

Science and Maths: Caffeine addicts...hmm sounds like what i'm going to be, I'm adi an addict, so what I need is just to be good in maths and science....:p

Jeremy Choo said...

Hehehe... No la I curi from google 1... Don't really feel like going to uni webpage during holidays.

Maths + physics r caffine addicts nia... Bio is not... Geology are alcoholics... Can't think about others.